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The Colleges International Department was established five years ago. The College has around fifty international students. Currently there are students from Japan, China, Pakistan, USA, Ghana, Nigeria and the Middle East. International students are able to study any of the A/AS-level subjects on offer as well as taking an intensive English course. The financial capital of the north of England, with a population of over 700,000, Leeds is a lively and cosmopolitan city. It boasts more green park space per head than any other city in Europe and is only a short drive away from the Yorkshire Dales, the ancient city of York, and the east coast holiday resorts.

Academic strengths

Around 85 per cent of the Colleges students go to university each year, including Oxford and Cambridge. The College is located immediately opposite Leeds University. Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College is the only sixth form college in Leeds. The College has just over 1300 students aged sixteen to nineteen, both boys and girls, and teaches mainly A-levels for entry to university.


The homestay families where students stay during their time at the College are especially chosen, and the College will endeavour to place a student with a family it thinks they will be happy with. Students will have their own private study-bedroom.

The College has a large library, a brand new Information Technology (I.T) suite, a sports hall, language and science laboratories, and a large lecture theatre and assembly hall. The new I.T. suite has over 100 new computers for student use. Every student has internet and email access, and foreign language characters are available on all machines.

Student life

International students will be offered the opportunity to visit places of interest in the UK. These will include London, York and the Lake District. If there is any place students would like to visit, they can suggest this to the Department Leeds has an international airport, and the College runs a free pick-up service from here. Local trips to the cinemas, ten-pin bowling, the theatre etc. will also be available during the year. During September the College takes students on a tour around Leeds city centre to help students familiarise themselves with the city.

Students who come to us for A-levels predominantly go first to the Leeds English Language School nearby to do IELTS. To contact the Language School, please email ils@fsmail.net

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